Ash Dragon

Dustless Ash Removal for Fireplaces and Wood Stoves

Introducing the Ash Dragon…finally, a safe, efficient and dustless method of removing ash and coals, whether hot or cold, from your fireplace or wood stove.  Enjoy a dust free burning season.  Ready for immediate shipment, order today and breath easier the next time you clean out your stove.  The Ash Dragon  is made in the U.S. with U.S. Steel, by U.S. citizens.  The low-profile design of the Ash Dragon allows you to easily reach inside your stove.  It measures 12"L x 7"W x 4"H and with it's mouth open, it measures less than 6" high.  It has an attractive and durable powder coat finish.  I designed these with my wood insert in mind, but it also works well for open fireplaces, wood stoves with ash pans and the smaller side loading wood stoves.  If you currently clean your fireplace or stove with a shovel and ash pail, and are looking for a better way, this is it!


Our Kudos

Below are a few comments that we've received from customers or pulled from wood burning and hearth forums regarding the Ash Dragon.  All of the quotes below are unedited.

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Message: I bought my ash dragon a year and half a ago. I bought this because it was hard to tell where most of my mess was coming from, wood bark or ash all over everything. At first I was disappointed with it because I thought it wasn't big enough. Well come to find out I wasn't burning my stove correctly. After figuring that out, I now only take out about 3/4 of a scoop a day. What I like about it the most is I only light one fire for the whole season. Come morning time the fire has died down enough I can move coals around and scoop the ash out. Like the website says, there is virtually no dust. I would recommend this product to the occasional fire burner or someone like myself who burns for the whole season. The new rake/sifter looks interesting too. Thanks for a well thought out product.

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Ash Dragon is a wonderful tool for cleaning out the ashes with no mess. I have the ash bucket out in the driveway - i fill the ash dragon - in the stove and ensure the lid is closed on it - take it out and dump into ash bucket so that they can die out before disposing. It is by far my most favorite fireplace tool!
The Ash Dragon looks good; Scoops ‘em inside the stove which would make it easy to avoid any flying ash.
Well, I purchased an ash dragon anyways. Very nice ash remover. It is indeed dustless in the house. It fits right into the firebox and the lid can be closed while in the firebox to prevent ash or coals from spilling out on the floor of my family room.
I also use an Ash Dragon, I scoop out a load most mornings and there is almost no dust. Last year I used an ash shovel and small metal garbage can. I went a slow as possible but still there was a lot of dust. The Ash Dragon is quick and easy.
I think this is a winner (for me). One scoop a day, more or less, and I can start a new fire with the remaining coals in the firebox.
As far as ash removal goes, the lack of a practical ash pan has sent me brainstorming. I bought a device called an Ash Dragon about a month ago. It is a metal scoop with a lid that closes before its removed from the firebox. This prevents ashes from blowing all over and coals potentially falling on the floor. I take a couple scoops out when I can and keep on burning. It was a little pricey but worth not having ash dust everywhere.
This is a bit pricey, but might be a product that would be worth it for you. I had the same experience as you did with the ash going airborne. I bought one of these and now dump the ash in the galvanized can outside. Any airborne ash is now outside of the cabin. It has been worth the cost for me.
I bought an ashdragon a couple of years ago (maybe it was last year!) Anyways, it works flawlessly. I just looked at their website and saw a Sifter for coals. Might have to try that one out! The ashdragon works very well. It clamps down over the coals and prevents dust from escaping. I walk right through my family room with coals and ash and don’t spill a “drop”. Well made and worth it to me. I had some doubters when I bought it, but it is exactly what I wanted and fits the fireview perfectly. Well made.


Wow!  This is a great idea, I have a Woodstock Soapstone Stove and the door is sort of narrow.  It is always a pain removing the ashes and this fits right in the side door.  One quick scoop and I'm done!!  


Frank R.




I've read all the forums and been to all the fireplace stores looking for a better way to clean out my stove.  Everybody has a routine, and it usually involves a shovel and a pail and there is still always DUST.  I can scoop out my stove with the Ash Dragon in less than a minute and NO DUST.

Steve C.





I stumbled on your site from the and decided to give it a try.  I have my stove downstairs and have to either carry a hot ash pan up the stairs or dump it into a metal bucket which creates quite a cloud of ash dust. Your Ash Dragon solves my ash removal problems. Thanks!!


Craig L.



Yeah, that’s the kind of thing I had in mind. I want everything inside the stove. If you’ve got sunlight on your stove at certain times you can see how much dust is flying around, not matter how careful you try to be. I’d rather not have to work at being careful. :smirk: That sifter looks useful. I don’t like tossing out coals. I’ve been pushing them aside, building a top-down load with smaller stuff in the front, then dumping the coals on top of the small stuff and stacking bigger stuff in the back... The sifter would make that easier.