Ash Dragon

Dustless Ash Removal for Fireplaces and Wood Stoves

Introducing the Ash Dragon…finally, a safe, efficient and dustless method of removing ash and coals, whether hot or cold, from your fireplace or wood stove.  Enjoy a dust free burning season.  Ready for immediate shipment, order today and breath easier the next time you clean out your stove.  The Ash Dragon  is made in the U.S. with U.S. Steel, by U.S. citizens.  The low-profile design of the Ash Dragon allows you to easily reach inside your stove.  It measures 12"L x 7"W x 4"H and with it's mouth open, it measures less than 6" high.  It has an attractive and durable powder coat finish.  I designed these with my wood insert in mind, but it also works well for open fireplaces, wood stoves with ash pans and the smaller side loading wood stoves.  If you currently clean your fireplace or stove with a shovel and ash pail, and are looking for a better way, this is it!


Kamado grill divider

This is a very nicely made and heavy duty charcoal grate that you laset cut! I just bought a Saffire Kamado which is very close to the same size as most of the other "standard size" Kamados with 18" cooking grates - like the BGE Large, and the standard Kamado Joe. Your grate is a close fit, as I was hoping! The bottom disk is only about an inch too small in diameter and without modification it falls down inside the bottom of the ash chute. This is actually an easy fix, since I can MIG weld a few bar stock tabs around its periphery to keep it up where it needs to be. The edge of the divider wall is around 1/2" to 3/4" away from the fire bowl wall, at different locations, so that should be fine for keeping larger lump charcoal pieces in place. I attached a picture of it sitting on top of the Saffire charcoal grate four your info. Thanks for s nicely made product! Chris